Gibson searches, finds family

on March 11, 2010

By Sarah Mueller  & Photos by Martina Trevino /

Fifty-one -year-old Kahron Gibson never gave up her search for her birth mother.

The Dallas resident was adopted as an infant and says she always felt loved by her adoptive parents.

But she grew lonely after they died in 2000.

So Gibson turned to the Internet to find her birth mother. (Click on the image to see the slide show.)

Last December, she was staring to lose hope of ever finding her.

But, then something happened that Gibson says was a miracle.

Her biological niece decided to find her mom’s sister for Christmas.

She found a Yahoo posting Gibson wrote four-years-earlier.

A sister she had never met before called Gibson about a week before Christmas.

She reunited with her birth mother and five siblings at Christmas.

Gibson says it was the best gift of her life.

Her advice to others looking on-line is not to give up because it can happen.

After 50 years, Gibson says she feels reborn.

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